XIII European Meeting on Glial Cells in Health and Disease
XIII European Meeting on Glial Cells in Health and Disease
XIII European Meeting on Glial Cells in Health and Disease

Call for Abstracts | Start: November 1, 2016 | Deadline: February 1, 2017


Preliminary Program (please click here for a pdf download)

Friday, July 7, 2017

 9:00–13:00 Introductory Course

Saturday, July 8, 2017


Workshop I

William Ford Robertson little branched cells: paving the way to oligodendrocyte and microglia discovery
Organizers: Anne Boullerne (Chicago, USA); George De Vries (Richmond, USA)

The third element of Santiago Ramón y Cajal
George De Vries (Richmond, USA)

William Fort Robertson and his little branched brain cells
Arthur Butt (Portsmouth, UK)

Microglia and Oligodendroglia: the unfortunate story of Pío des Río-Hortega
Juan del Río-Hortega Bereciart (Valladolid, Spain)

A brief history of myelin from 15th century to present
Anne Boullerne (Chicago, USA)

So misunderstood: the story of Schwann cell
Paul Foley (Sydney, Australia)

The odyssey of microglia discovery since 19th century
Georg Kreutzberg (Martinsried, Germany)




Plenary Lecture L1
Eric A. Newman (Minnesota, USA)
Glial cell regulation of blood flow: Fact or fantasy?



Symposia I (S1–S5)

S1 Schwann cells and their role in motor axon regeneration
Organizers: Michela Rigoni (Padua, Italy); Rhona Mirsky (London, UK)

Thomas Misgeld (Munich, Germany)
Richard Robitaille (Montreal, Canada)
Rhona Mirsky (London, UK)
Michela Rigoni (Padua, Italy)

S2 Transcriptional states within the oligodendrocyte lineage
Organizer: Gonçalo Castelo-Branco (Stockholm, Sweden)

Sarah Moyon (New York, USA)
Steve Goldman (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Annalisa Buffo (Torino, Italy)
Gonçalo Castelo-Branco (Stockholm, Sweden)

S3 Glial physiology meets glial metabolism
Organizer: Pierre Magistretti (Lausanne, Switzerland)

L. Felipe Barros (Valdivia, Chile)
Bruno Weber (Zurich, Switzerland)

Pierre Magistretti (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Arthur Konnerth (Munich, Germany)

S4 Greasy astrocyte-neuron interactions at the synapse
Organizers: Mark Verheijen (Amsterdam, Netherlands); Marta Valenza (Milan, Italy)

Rogier Min (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Mark Verheijen (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Carlos Dotti (Madrid, Spain)
Marta Valenza (Milan, Italy)

S5 Glial cells in control of blood-brain barrier integrity
Organizer: Luc Leybaert (Gent, Belgium)

Jorge I. Alvarez (Philadelphia, USA)
N. N.
Luc Leybaert (Gent, Belgium)
Mirko Schmidt (Mainz, Germany)

 16:45–18:45 Poster session I

Plenary Lecture L2
Laura Feltri
(Buffalo, USA)

Chemical and mechanical cues govern Schwann cell-axon interactions and myelination

 19:45–21:00 Informal get-together

Sunday, July 9, 2017


Plenary Lecture L3
Mike W. Salter
(Toronto, Canada)

Twists and turns in neuron – Glia signalling in pain neuroplasticity


Symposia II (S6–S10)

S6 Role of astrocytes in synaptic function and chronic brain diseases

Organizers: Michelle Olsen (Birmingham, UK); Gabor Petzold (Bonn, Germany)

Aude Panatier (Bordeaux, France)
Andrea Volterra (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Michelle Oslen (Birmingham, UK)
Petzold Gabor (Bonn, Germany)

S7 Synaptic regulation of NG2 cell function
Organizer: Vittorio Gallo (Washington, DC, USA)

Jonah Chen (San Francisco, USA)
Vittorio Gallo (Washington, DC, USA)
Maria Kukley (Tubingen, Germany)
Jacqueline Trotter (Mainz, Germany)

S8 Schwann cell plasticity in nerve injury, demyelinating neuropathies and tumours of the PNS
Organizers: David Parkinson (Plymouth, UK); Ashwin Woodhoo (Derio, Spain)

David Parkinson  (Plymouth,UK)
Nancy Ratner (Cincinnati, USa)
Maurizio D'Antonio (Milan, Italy)
Ashwin Woodhoo (Derio, Spain)

S9 Microglia: guiding brain development
Organizers: Bert Brone (Hasselt, Belgium); Sonia Garel (Paris, France)

Florent Ginhoux (Singapore)
Bert Brone (Hasselt, Belgium)

Sonia Garel (Paris, France)
Francesca Peri (Heidelberg, Germany)

S10 Mathematical and computational approaches to the 'big data' challenge in neuron-glia interactions
Organizers: Maurizio De Pittà (Chicago, USA); Elena Galea (Bellaterra, Spain)

David Attwell (London, UK)
Maurizio De Pittà (Chicago, USA)
Elena Galea (Bellaterra, Spain)
Levi Wood (Atlanta, USA)


Lunch break


Poster Session I


Symposia III (S11–S15)

S11 The role and promise of NG2-glia in CNS injury
Organizers: Michael Schäfer (Mainz, Germany); Leda Dimou (Munich, Germany)

Michael Schäfer (Mainz, Germany)
Leda Dimou (Munich, Germany)
Rebecca Matsas (Athens, Greece)
Wolfram Tetzlaff (Vancouver, Canada)

S12 Astrocytes in cognitive function: from molecules and synapses to circuits and behavior
Organizers: João Filipe Oliveira (Braga, Portugal), Alfonso Araque (Minneapolis, USA)

João Filipe Oliveira (Braga, Portugal)
Alfonso Araque (Minneapolis, USA)
Nathalie Rouach (Paris, France)
Kira Poskanzer (San Francisco, USA)

S13 CNS pericytes in health and disease
Organizers: Marisa Karow (Munich, Germany); Christian Göritz (Stockholm, Sweden)

Supported by
Marisa Karow (Munich, Germany)
Christian Göritz (Stockholm, Sweden)
Paula Dore-Duffy (Detroit, USA)
Berislav Zlokovic (Los Angeles, USA)

S14 The basic mechanisms of successful neural repair
Organizer: Kristjan Jessen (London, UK)

Simone Di Giovanni (London, UK)
Kristjan Jessen (London, UK)
Kelly Monk (St. Louis, USA)
N. N.

S15 Role of microglial metabolism in neuroinflammation
Organizers: Henrik Hagberg (Gothenburg, Sweden); Bobbi Fleiss (Paris, France)

Bobbi Fleiss (Paris, France)

Myriam Baes (Leuven, Belgium)
Henrik Hagberg (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Claudia Verderio (Milan, Italy)



Plenary Lecture L4
Yukiko Gotoh
(Tokyo, Japan)

Regulation of astrocyte production in the mouse neocortex

Monday, July 10, 2017


Plenary Lecture L5
Richard Daneman
(San Diego, USA)

The blood-brain barrier in health and disease


Symposia IV (S16–S20)

S16 Implications of glial dysfunction in lysosomal storage diseases
Organizer: Tammy Kielian (Omaha, USA)

Tammy Kielian (Omaha, USA)
Jonathan Cooper (London, UK)
Tony Futerman (Rehovot, Israel)
Francis Platt (Oxford, UK)

S17 Opposing roles of astrocyte gap junction coupling in brain diseases: phosphorylation matters?
Organizers: Christian Steinhäuser (Bonn, Germany); Nanna MacAulay (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Nanna MacAulay (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Christian Naus (Vancouver, Canada)
Christian Steinhäuser (Bonn, Germany)
Frank Winkler (Heidelberg, Germany)

S18 Drosophila glia: reconstructing the nervous system
Organizers: Angela Giangrande (Illkirch, France), Alicia Hidalgo (Birmingham, UK)

Angela Giangrande (Illkirch, France)
Alicia Hidalgo (Birmingham, UK)
Benjamin Altenhein (Cologne, Germany)
Christian Klambt (Munster, Germany)

S19 Signals regulating microglial phagocytosis of neurons, synapses and myelin
Organizers: Guy Brown (Cambridge, UK); Harald Neumann (Bonn, Germany)

Guy Brown (Cambridge, UK)
Harald Neumann (Bonn, Germany)
Dorothy Schafer (Worcester, UK)
Shlomo Rotshenker (Jerusalem, Israel)

S20 Cytoskeleton dynamics in glia
Organizers: João Bettencourt Relvas (Porto, Portugal); Carmen Melendez-Vasquez (New York, USA)

João Bettencourt Relvas (Porto, Portugal)
Carmen Melendez-Vasquez (New York, USA)
Holly Colognato (Stony Brook, USA)

Andrew Jarjour (Edinburgh, UK)



Lunch Break


Poster Session II


Symposia V (S21–S25)

S21 Astrocyte regulation of neuronal synapse number and strength

Organizers: Nicola Allen (La Jolla, USA); Cagla Eroglu (Durham, UK)

Nicola Allen (La Jolla, USA)
Cagla Eroglu (Durham, UK)
Andreas Faissner (Bochum, Germany)
David Rowitch (Cambridge, UK)

S22 Microglia physiology in health and disease: new mechanisms and signalling pathways
Organizers: Christian Madry (London, UK); Renaud Jolivet (Geneva, Switzerland)

Christian Madry (London, UK)
Renaud Jolivet (Geneva, Switzerland)
Katerina Akassoglou (San Francisco, USA)
Knut Biber (Freiburg, Germany)

S23 Dysregulation of protein translation and myelin disorders
Organizer: Lin Wensheng (Minneapolis, USA)

Marjo van der Knaap (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Christopher Proud (Adelaide, Australia)
Kevin Ess (Nashville, USA)
Wensheng Lin (Minneapolis, USA)

S24 Conflicting roles of neuro-glial responses in stroke and brain injury
Organizer: Jaroslaw Aronowski (Houston, USA)

Eng Lo (Charlestown, USA)
Jaroslaw Aronowski (Houston, USA)
Jun Chen (Shanghai, China)
Maria Moro (Madrid, Spain)

S25 Heterogeneity of reactive astrocytes; dissecting astrocyte (dys)function in neurological disease
Organizers: Stefanie Robel (Roanoke, USA); Frank Kirchhoff (Homburg/Saar, Germany)

Keith Murai (Montreal, Canada)
Magdalena Goetz (Munich, Germany)
Frank Kirchhoff (Homburg/Saar, Germany)
Stefanie Robel (Roanoke, USA)

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Plenary Lecture L6
Fiona Doetsch (Basel, Switzerland)

t. b. a.


Symposia VI (S26–S30)

S26 Metabolic homeostasis, a key stone in myelinated fiber biology
Organizer: Nicolas Tricaud (Montpellier, France)

Bogdan Beirowski (Buffalo, USA)
Klaus Armin Nave (Göttingen, Germany)
Kim Do (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Nicolas Tricaud (Montpellier, France)

S27 Brain lactate shuttling: from physiology to therapy
Organizers: Anne-Karine Bouzier-Sore (Bordeaux, France); Lorenz Hirt (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Stefanie Schirmeier (Münster, Germany)
Jérôme Clasadonte (Lille, France)
Anne-Karine Bouzier-Sore (Bordeaux, France)
Lorenz Hirt (Lausanne, Switzerland)

S28 Role of peripheral and central glia in chronic pain
Organizer: Julie Olson (Minneapolis, USA)

Parisa Gazerani (Aalborg, Denmark)
Makoto Tsuda (Fukuoka, Japan)
Julie Olson (Minneapolis, USA)
Marzia Malcangio (London, UK)

S29 Glia - Immune cell interaction in neuroinflammatory diseases
Organizers: Ari Waisman (Mainz, Germany); Francisco Quintana (Boston, USA)

Ari Waisman (Mainz, Germany)
Francisco Quintana (Boston, USA)
Roland Liblau (Toulouse, France)
Burkhard Becher (Zürich, Switzerland)

S30 Astrocyte contributions to NMDA receptor-dependent synaptic plasticity and learning
Organizers: Christian Henneberger (Bonn, Germany); Giovanni Marsicano (Bordeaux, France)

Yuriy Pankratov (Coventry, UK)
Philip Haydon (Boston, USA)
Giovanni Marsicano  (Bordeaux, France)
Christian Henneberger (Bonn, Germany)


Lunch Break


Poster Session II


Plenary Lecture L7
Dwight Bergles
(Baltimore, USA)

Sounds in silence: How glial cells in the ear shape development of the auditory system


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February 1, 2017
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XIII European Meeting on Glial Cells in Health and Disease

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